What If and So What Webinar

One Hour - Time Well Spent!

No Risk, No Obligation, No Cost. Are you setup for growth and long term enduring success? Shake off the effects of COVID-19 and position your business to go to new levels!

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Webinar Agenda

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • The Mastery Continuum
  • What if and So What?
  • What is and Why Coaching?
  •  5 Steps to Freedom Framework and 22 Silver Bullets
  • 3 Actions to Take Now
  • The Profit Equation - the numbers tell the story
  • Thank You Bonus - actually 2 if you stay long enough!
  • Q&A

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If you have not yet received a copy of my eBook 3 Silver Bullets to Business Success you will get it as a free gift simply for registering.

 Hi There, I am Wayne Fredin

Let me ask you 3 questions I ask all business owners I speak with and you can be completely honest with yourself because nobody else is going to hear your answers.

1. Am I happy with the amount of money I am pulling out of the business?

2. On average how many hours a week am I working and am I happy with that?

3. How many people are on my team and if I were starting the business today what percentage of them would I rehire?

Take a quick moment and think about your answers. If you answered you are not happy with either the money or time questions and would not immediately and without hesitation rehire every one of your current staff then you really should get registered for this webinar.

I will be completely honest with you. The webinar will not solve all your problems or fix all your business challenges but it will give you insight into what you can do to make things better. It will introduce you to an incredibly powerful framework that has helped small business owners like you achieve the success and rewards they dreamed of when they started their business.

Business issues tend to live in one of 3 main areas namely Time, Team or Money. In the webinar you will learn tips and techniques you can immediately put to use to address one or more issues from each of these areas.

You will also learn about the Profit Equation and how by making just small changes to a few parts of your business you can almost double your net profits within a year. Don’t take my word for it – join the webinar and see it live – the numbers do not lie!

So Take Action now and register for my webinar. All it will cost you is an hour of your time. There is no cost, no risk, no obligation and you have nothing to lose. I commit to making sure this may well be one of the best hours you ever spend on your business.

I wish you the best in your future! Have a fantastic day!