Personal Take Action Business Breakout Series (Personal TABBS)

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Ready to take action and improve your business in just 8 weeks? Join me for Personal TABBS, 45-minute coaching sessions for 8 weeks on one specific topic of your choice.

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Want Coaching but not ready for a long term commitment?

Personal TABBS are 45 minute sessions for 8 weeks on one specific topic - choose the one most important and pressing to you and your business!

1+1 does not = 2
Join me for a fast paced 8 week program to better your business!

Harness the power and synergy of working with a coach who is focused and committed to your success. Each 45 minute session will be organized and structured yet allow lots of room to be highly targeted and specific to your business.

How TABBS Work

There will be a number of Series each with a unique theme. (click on the right to see details)

Each participant will do a pre and post Series personal call lasting 15-20 minutes to set the stage. The pre Series call is intended to meet with Wayne, gain an understanding of what you are specifically looking to get out of the Series and offer feedback to Wayne.

You will have about 30 minutes of prep work for each weekly session. It could be to watch a video, read a book summary and/or review an online blog or article.

Each Series will be 8 weeks and typically the same day and time each week but changes are possible with advance notice.

  1. Escape Overwhelm - Raise Your Revenue Generation IQ

  2. Escape Overwhelm - Own Your Schedule

  3. Escape Overwhelm - Lead With Purpose

Your total time commitment will vary but on average each owner will spend approximately 30 minutes per week preparing for the weekly 45 minute sessions. Over the course of the 8 weeks and including your 2 personalized sessions, this adds up to a total of approximately 10-12 hours.

Raise Your Revenue Generation IQ

Death of a business is having no new prospects to talk to. Most business owners do not have a background in marketing and sales - if that is you, then this Series is perfect. This will give you the background and knowledge to consistently bring in new leads, improve conversion to clients/customer rates and grow your revenue, margin and profits.

  • 30,000 Foot View, AIDA, Prospect Continuum and Sales Continuum
  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Why Choose You and Not Your Competitors? Your USP, Value Proposition and Guarantee
  • Putting Together a Tactical Marketing Plan
  • Implementing a Sales Management System
  • M2A2 - KPIs, ROI and More!

Own Your Schedule:

The objective of getting control of your schedule is NOT to find you more time to do more productive work - it is to find you more time to do anything you want, hopefully outside of work. Most small business owners and executives worry about taking a half day off - how about putting yourself in a position to take a couple weeks off and your business not missing a beat even with you away!

  • SYSTEM - Save Yourself Time Energy and Money
  • Time is a Business KPI - Let's Track Yours and See the Numbers
  • 3 Strategies to Measure Your Time Value
  • 6 Tactics to Find 4-6 Hours a Week Based on the Mnemonic A-DOERR - Yes a Week! And Hint - Procrastination is Not One of the Tactics
  • To Do Lists? Timeboxing? Default Diary? Which is Best?
  • Pulling it All Together - It is What Musk, Gates and Bezos All Do - Why Not You?

Lead With Purpose:

In my book Sales Leadership: Distinctions With a Difference, I explain the background to one of my mantras which is Management is the Science of Reaction, Leadership is the Art of Action. We are going to base this Series on what I write in my book complemented each week with some great articles and videos from awesome leaders. In simple terms the objective of this Series is to have a ton of fun and give you a framework into how you can become a better Leader.

  • What is Leadership?
  • Rapport, Styles and Types
  • Culture
  • The Leadership Continuum
  • Delegation
  • Leadership Development Plan

Your Investment

Your investment into your business for this incredible 8 week program will only cost $1,997. This is about one third to one half of what typical personal coaching costs.

My guarantee to you is this; if at the end of the program you feel you have not received $1,997 value, I will refund you up to the full fees, no questions asked.

How to get started

  1. Book a 30 minute virtual call to discuss

    Click 'Save my Seat' on the series you want to join. It will take you to my Calendar app where you can register and schedule your first 30 minute call. Fill out the form and you'll receive an email confirmation.

  2. Make Your Investment

    After the call with Wayne when you have decided to Take Action, Wayne will send you a payment link.

  3. Get Your Zoom Invite

    Once you have paid the invoice, you will be emailed a Zoom invite including all the sessions in the Series.

  4. Get Started with a pre-Onboarding session

    Once fully booked, Wayne will send you an onboarding link that helps you get ready for our first working session together. It will get you thinking and doing. You will enjoy it!

  5. Follow up call

    At the end of the 8 sessions, Wayne will book a final follow up with you in the following week. It will be an opportunity for you to offer feedback and confirm your expectations were met.

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