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“I was allowed to be at the lake all summer long. I have time back for my family and me.”

“I have more personal time to create other revenue streams and make more money.”

“Wayne has helped us lean out and work smarter, and there have been big cost savings.”

“I feel a lot more confident. And I also have confidence in my business.”

“I'd been working 120 hours a week for over a year. Not a single day off, not one single evening off. I’d been going nonstop.”

Crystal Holberton, Sparkling Spaces

BE UNSTOPPABLE - Your Way, On Your Terms

Escape Overwhelm and take your business to the next level.
Get the techniques, templates and tools to build a rock-solid business foundation.
All in One Place!

Have access to online resources to elevate your business - at your own pace, but with personal support when you need it. Does this sound familiar?

  • You know you need or want business coaching help but you have no time or money.
  • You’re scattered everywhere. You need help organizing - well - everything.
  • You’re working longer hours than you should - with no end in sight.
  • Are you always stressed out, worrying about where the next client will come from?
  • You know you need a plan, but you didn't know how to get from A to Z - let alone A to B.

The Be Unstoppable Club is a self-paced online business coaching membership offered by Wayne It provides entrepreneurs and business owners with the techniques, templates, and tools to build a rock-solid business foundation and easily improve their sales and business results. With personal support when needed, the club offers a range of resources, including a 13-module Build a Better Business Course, monthly business newsletter, revenue generation and leadership secrets sections, bi-weekly open office hour 'hot seat' sessions, private and exclusive Facebook group, and multiple eBooks. The Be Unstoppable Club is available for a monthly fee of $42 or an annual fee of $419.

What You'll Get with the Be Unstoppable Club:

Build a Better Business Course:

  • 13 modules covering new concepts, strategies, tips, and techniques for your business.
  • 300-page workbook and downloadable tools and templates.
  • Provides immediately implementable ideas and tactics for your business.

Templates and Tools:

  • Access to downloadable tools, calculators, and documents.
  • Examples include the Net Profit Calculator, Time Tracking Worksheet, 1 Page Strategic Plan Worksheet, Campaign Calculator, Leadership Development Plan Tool, and more.

Be Unstoppable Monthly Business Newsletter:

  • A 20-page full-colour print business newsletter delivered in the mail every month.
  • Available in the Club Members' exclusive membership back office in digital format.
  • Includes sections such as Revenue Generation Secrets, Business Secrets, Leadership Secrets, Success Story of the Month, and more.

eBook Guide to Getting Great Referrals:

  • 27-page eBook on how to create referral programs and increase referrals.
  • Includes Directed Referrals and the importance of being highly specific and targeted.

eBook Grow Your Business Net Profits:

  • 40-page eBook on creating a fully integrated revenue generation plan for long-term success.
  • Helps drive revenue and profits to the next level.

Bi-Weekly Open Office Hour 'Hot Seat' Sessions:

  • A virtual networking event where up to 100 members can ask questions, learn, and share experiences.
  • Facilitated by the instructor.
  • Focuses on driving discussions and networking.

Private and Exclusive Facebook Group:

  • Ongoing updates, tips, techniques, and tools for members.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with other owners and professionals.

eBook Raise Your Sales IQ:

  • 39-page eBook with great tips, ideas, and strategies for taking your Sales IQ to the next level.
  • Sales IQ defined as IQ + EQ + AQ + WQ + YQ + SQ + CQ.

Sales Leadership: Distinctions With a Difference:

  • A quick and engaging read on leadership and its impact on sales professionals.
  • Provides insight into how to lead a team of sales professionals effectively.
  • Available in PDF or audiobook format.

The Be Unstoppable Club is now only:

$42 USD Monthly OR $419 USD Annually (Save 17%)

(either way this is less than $2 per day - way less than your favorite specialty coffee!)

Wayne has an out-of-the-box style. He has a large toolbox of resources for his clients. He brings a challenging and thought-provoking, questioning attitude to coaching. And he helps you figure out the problem, and then supports you to come up with the solution.

Lauren Zumbusch,
Expert Office

Wayne has really opened my eyes to the fact that I could create a real business with real growth and much bigger opportunities than just me sitting at home making stuff as a craftsman. I am now doing things I never would have imagined, never would have even thought about, had it not been for Wayne's support, ideas and introductions.

Dorian Widling
Broken Tower Knives (and Veteran)

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