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Wayne will guide you to your highest level of performance.

With extensive experience as a Military Officer and Business Executive, Wayne is here to take you and your business to the next level.

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Leader, Entrepreneur, Business Expert

As a visionary leader who combines operational expertise with business acumen, Wayne is committed to delivering measurable results through innovation and strategic partnerships. His ability to collaborate across organizational boundaries allows him to create innovative solutions that drive sustainable change throughout organizations worldwide.

Military Leader

Wayne's military career started out after graduating from Royal Roads Military College (The West Point of Canada). By the time he left active duty 9 years later, he had held both staff and command appointments and was promoted to Major. Wayne joined the reserves and took on multiple significant command appointments until retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. He left the military with developed and honed leadershipplanning, and communication skills.

Entrepreneurial Success

Wayne's first steps into becoming an entrepreneur was the purchase of an apartment building as an investment. He later partnered with his Father in a business serving the oil and gas industry in western Canada where together, they found much success. That time primarily began developing his sales and team building skills while also honing leadership, planning, presentation and communication skills. Most recently, Wayne's entrepreneurial ambitions had him create Take Action Sales Academy in 2018 focused on helping sales professionals and leaders raise their sales IQ and in 2020, he started Take Action Results Business coaching to help small business owners get unstuck, and start living the lifestyle they deserve.

Sales Expertise

Wayne began getting involved in the direct sales industry in 1989. By 2007 he was the VP of sales for a technology company that had just gone public. Within that role, he was appointed the GM of a newly acquired company. Within a year, Wayne had turned many years of losses into $500,000 net profit and helped grow overall corporate sales revenue by over 25% and increased gross margin to over 41%. He went on to lead the sales team for a privately owned company that did business across Canada, serving the public sector and enterprise businesses. In that role he grew sales by over 20% in the first 2 years and managed to maintain a gross margin of 35%. Lastly, Wayne moved into a large enterprise account executive role with one of Canada's largest public companies. While he did see much success, what he really gained was a thorough understanding of Sales Leadership and Business as well as deeper insights and sharpened knowledge of trainingplanningpresentation and communication skills. He published a book called Sales Leadership: Distinctions With a Difference and built Take Action Sales Academy, an online learning resource.

Beliefs and Values Are the Center of a Person

It all began on August 14th, 1976 when Wayne Fredin arrived at Royal Roads Military College to begin the quest to earn a commission and degree. Now Royal Roads University, the castle at Roads is an incredible and iconic landmark in the Victoria, BC region.

Almost 45 years later he still live the beliefs and values taught, reinforced and ingrained in him as a young and impressionable cadet.

"Your core values are the deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul."

- John C. Maxwell

Core Beliefs

  • Service before self
  • Respect the dignity of all persons
  • Obey and support lawful authority

Core Values

  • Duty
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Personal and Moral Courage

Wayne's Beliefs About Business

I believe in "teaching a person to fish"

“Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day; teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”

This is the difference between coaching and consulting. Consultants provide solutions based on their expertise, often leaving their clients reliant on them. (Here’s a fish.)

As your coach, I will teach you what you need to know so that you will know what to do the next time. I will follow a systematic learning process that forces us to work together until you gain mastery of these strategies, tactics and best practices. (Here’s how you fish.)

"If you are not prepared to give up what you've got To get what you really want... You'll just have to keep what you've got Whether you like it or not!" -Wayne Fredin circa 1990

I believe in the Socratic Method of teaching and coaching

I follow the “Socratic method” of teaching – asking instead of telling. I won’t tell you what you “should” do. It’s your business and you get to decide what to do.
I’ll provide guidance, feedback, perspective and ask questions to help you explore your options.

The principle underlying the Socratic Method is that people learn through the use of critical thinking, reasoning, and logic, finding holes in their own theories and then patching them up.

My role as a coach is to help you figure out the answer that is right for YOU. Since it is your answer and not mine you are much more likely to take ownership and embrace and act on those ideas.

And when you do, you will get results!

I will not want it more for you than you want it for yourself!

I will work with you but I will not work for you!

I believe that selling is a service if done with integrity.

Many clients struggle in business because they do not want to be seen as the metaphorical 'pushy used car salesman'. Think about this for a moment; nobody likes to be sold to but we all love to buy! If you have ever had a partner or spouse you have made a sale - you sold yourself. If you have ever talked your friends or colleagues into supporting your idea you have made a sale - you sold your recommendation. Selling is about 2 truths..

1. Selling is just 2 things. Find someone to talk to and talk to them. (okay I admit this can be quite complex but the construct is very simple)

2. You cannot control your Results but you can control the Activities that lead to Results.

What is it like to work with Wayne?

Wayne tells it like it is!

"Wayne will never sugarcoat the challenge. Respectful - always! Brutally honest - absolutely!"

Wayne is a great listener!

"I really feel like I am heard when I speak with Wayne. He asks tough questions but he hears me out and forces me to be real."

Wayne tells stories!

"Rather than just telling me things, Wayne always finds a way to bring his ideas and suggestions to life with real experiences, anecdotes and stories."

Wayne's favorite questions is "So what?"

"This will drive you nuts initially, but soon you will realize it is at the core of good decision making!"

Wayne focuses on outcomes!

With purpose and structure, Wayne keeps me doing all the little things that ultimately take me towards the results I am looking for."

Wayne likes to laugh too!

"This is hard work but Wayne constantly searches for ways to lighten the mood. It makes everything much more fun. I really look forward to my weekly sessions."

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